A mother,s promise


As you mother I promise I will always be there
for you,there is nothing more important in this
world than to be your mom, , it would be my
honour and duty to show you hold your hand
and have your back, but I cannot promise I would
have all the answers but will try my best,I promise
to always time to say I love you , my dear

My son I promise you that deep in your heart you
are capable to achieving everything your heart
desires, aim for the stars if you want and you
will get there , there is one thing I cannot promise
you and that is I might not always be here for rest
of your life but I can promise to love you for the rest
of mines

When I tucked you up at night I wish I had spend
more time as you both were growing up, times go
past so fast and years go by ,both my little boys
are grown up, you both have your one path to follow

My days are long and empty , there is no one to
tuck safely in bed at night time anymore , but I promise
you I will always be in your hearts saying I love you and
be safe my love, no matter where you are ,will love
you for ever and ever

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