Am running from myself


I was running from my self searching for
that one that who would let my soul go free,
I might not be what u been looking for,but I
have been away from my true self for far too
long ,

I know I might not be anyone’s first choice but
am a great choice, I have to stop running away
from my self, I have pulled myself up time after
time,so many times it has to stop

I am not running away from you, I am running
away from myself and the truth that I fear , my
heart is pounding and I cannot see clearly,I need
to get away,

My anxiety is silent, you would not notice it from
the outside, you know all that I truly am and all that
I been through, honesty till now I never loved myself,
I never respected myself for a long time , but now I feel
so lost, I realised I have been running away from my
self, it has to stop

I am tired of pretending that I don’t care, I am tired
of holding my tears for so long, I am tired of smiling
on the outside when am actually breaking to pieces
inside, I cannot be an empty shell anymore , I got
feelings too, tired of running ,my heart and soul want
to stop

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