Dear universe

it’s so peaceful within my soul ,dear universe,

thank u for showing  us how to find our inner

strength ,patients and love from within our

souls ,believing in you dear universe  gives us

the peace we were looking for all our life’s ,

no matter where we our, we let your name to

stay in our hearts,  so we could be able to find

you when we want to, I have to go deep within my

soul and my soul has send me to the world of love

and peace, all I have to find is peace with in my mind,

the sooner I have found my way around,the sooner I

can feel the love, peace and harmony I am longing for,

for nothing else will matter,we can always go to the

heart of the deep ocean and learn more about  lessons

set on for peace from within ,we can visit the big  wide

ocean anytime we want thanks to you dear Universe ,

for creating such a beautiful spot, for now our whole

body is totally relax cause our soul is resting , it has

learned to let go of things that’s not important and it’s

staying in the peaceful mood for ever

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