I am dead scared


I am dead scared, my writing is my best friend at times
like this,having another hospital appointment again soon,
the doctors call it endoscopy procedure , I call it
thingy buddy procedure , don’t want to think about
it, been having enough sleepless night worrying
about it , it is no use to feel sorry for myself, friends
say I have been through worse situation and this one
should be a piece of cake, but am scared

My favourite thing to tell the nurses before they sedate
me is , be careful I am not normal , half of my brains runs
on machines and the other half is controlled by me, they
tend to look twice at me, they have no clue about my
brain surgery

We tend to avoid things that scares us, health wise, but
in order to get better we need to go deeper within our
selfs and learn to let go of things that we are scared
of, so the true healing can start, so here is where my
healing would start , before that I want to wishing all
my friends a long and healthy life, good luck

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