I am worth something

I am funny, quirky, smart and loyal, am

a bit blunt but don’t mean any harm, my days

are sometimes a bit dark and the nights are a

bit too long, long for attention, I am always tripping

over my insecurities , long for passion , I use  my

poems to talk , get tangled up in words when I try to

talk, I am full of love but still have my faults, I am

not saying that I am 100% perfect but am worthy of

the love I get, I am not perfect but my intentions are

good and my heart is pure and i fight for hard for love

with everything I have, and because of all this is there is

a reason why  I am here for and I think it’s worth being alive ,

even if everything changes,  life is short that’s why I feel

worthy for being able to talk through my poetry , this way i

never  feel alone

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