I don’t want it anymore


Sorry I don’t know when my restless legs would stop
acting up, I hate it when I cannot sleep at night time,
I don’t want to have restless leg anymore, it’s driving
me mad,I am tired of having cramps legs, keep feeling
creepy crawling going up and down my legs and needing
the urge to move my legs all the time and cannot stand
still at all, I feel like this most of the nights, making it harder
to fall asleep, I don’t want it any more,my brain feels like a
clumsy motorway junction all night long,it’s exhausting for
all,I want to apologies to my legs, it’s not their fault either,I
just don’t know which night the shakes would come on, they
take me by surprise, it keeps me up most nights,I wonder
room to room in the dark , trying not to wake any one up,I
would love to close my eyes and go to sleep like other
normal people but it’s 2.30 now,guess morning will be here
soon, have to get up then

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