I have forgotten


I have forgotten how to care or to love
I have forgotten what you use to say,
everyday at some point I think of you,
if I have not forgotten you

After not being able to go outside,I have
forgotten how it is to walk, it is so sad, I
have forgotten how it feels to walk bare
foot the on a wet grass and on the road
just out on the drive

I have forgotten there is a world out
there waiting to be explore with its gilts
and glamour that surrounds me, and
the rest I can forget and ignore, hopefully
I would not forgotten the important stuff

No matter where I am, I have forgotten
how to listen, how to laugh, the worst
feeling is not to be lonely but to be
forgotten by people,

  • Time has a wonderful way of showing us
    what really matters and should not be
    forgotten,don’t forget your friends

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