It’s going to be ok


Inhale ,exhale everything will be just
fine, it’s actually going to be better,just
wait and see,in the mean time keep calm
and breath ,

Sometimes all you need is a big fat hug
and for someone to tell you that everything
will be alright,just to hold you tight and wipes
your tears aside

For me all I want is for someone to hug me tight,
when I find a situations hard, and say we know
you are struggling but you would be alright,is ok
to have a bad day, to make a mistake,to be less
than perfect ,but everything is going to be fine,
for tomorrow is a brand new day, you can have
a brand new start

We all have to learn to be patient , nothing
in nature blooms all year, just breath and promise
that everything is going to be ok.

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