Life goes on

Life goes on long after I have long gone just
as generations have done way before me
and will do way after me, remember to make
the most of it

Life comes around today and is gone tomarrow
enjoy it as it’s not promised that it would last for
ever, we cannot change the past , as everyone’s
journey in life is different but we all can make sure
the future is a nicer and brighter place, always
remember that happiness is free but starts from
within , a smile is contagious and things will get
better with time, don’t ever give up hope on life,
I know what it feels like when you are feeling vey
low and feel down in the dumps

I learned that no matter what happens life carries
on, it would not wait for anyone my friend, life is like
waves in the ocean,it will keep on moving , don’t let
it break you, no matter how hard your heart aches,
remember to take the good with the bad, people change
but learn from your mistakes, as you move like a
wave in the mist of life, be happy from your heart
and wake up everyday with a beautiful smile.

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