Life has moved along

Feel as life has moved along with out me, everyone has moved

on but me , I feel very alone and lonely tonight, even sleep
has left my eyes ,no one knows what it feels like when the
world that you know has moved on and left you behind ,
you are always running to catch up but it life seems to be two
steps ahead of your time, it might all be in my mind,I have to
readjust, deep down everyone feels the same, I have to find a
way to get through all this ,I need to stop reflecting negative
thoughts and reset my mind and emotions, have to find the
time to just sit listen quietly to stillness of the night and restart
fresh in the morning and try to catch up, as life is like a wild
ocean ,always in a hurry to move on, I am going to start with
giving out more kindness in this world of ours, that would not
make life to slow down but that would be ok for now

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