My oldest friend

It did not let me get any sleep

again last night this invisible

friend of mines that lives

inside me all my life

It’s worst than parkinson cause

it attacks me at night and worst

of all it’s gone deeper within my

body over time, more in possible

to be seen by anyone ,it just knows

how to play this  sleepless game,

making me wonder why my mind

wants to blow to pieces, I am so tired

I try to sleep but my invisible friend

wants to play, my legs feel horrible

and creepy, here I go again moving

room to room, playing the endless

game ,making me feeling like a restless

rat, it’s not happy to let me just to

sleep,it just wants to play this creepy

feeling game with my legs, not bothered

about letting  me sleep

Restless legs is the name of my long

oldest friend , who carries on hiding

inside of me since as long as I can

remember , slowly it’s decidindc to

let me sleep but it’s nearly morning

time and feeling sleep has  totally

disappeared from my eyes, leaving

me angry and frustrated but it would

be back again come back soon enough, ,

what can I do , it’s life, fancy some

cafe and toast anyone?

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