My pillow and me

I got restless legs tonight and
cannot sleep , so I wrote a
poem about my pillow

my pillow and me

I love my pillow cause it knows
my funnest and my darkest times,
it actually knows all my secrets as
I whisper them out loud at night time

No body knows me very well as my
pillow does, he knows about my endless
fights to control my restless legs and
my endless rolling and tossing in bed ,till
I fall asleep again, my pillow knows me very
well in deed

I always hug my pillow when I am wide
awake late at night. it is my best companion
and a buddy, when I am in bed feeling upset
and sometimes during the day,when I don’t
feel well,like a friend it takes good care of me
and if I miss anyone ,simply cuddle my pillow
and go to bed-and go to sleep like a baby,
hopefully there is no sign of any restless legs

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