One of my daily achievements


Although it’s said that there is many way  to achieve

good health , walking  is rated the highest of all

exercise and as natural beauty is always around us,

in parks and beautiful garden, I have the desire to

walk towards getting better everyday, I try to walk

away from this illness of mines everyday

I should remember to keep my back straight and look

up at the sky, when I  walk about, it’s so beautiful

looking so high up straight above ur head  with out

complaining about pain, just look at the bright side

of life and take that baby step every time , everything

else will work out

Not everyone would understand my journey or how it

began but that is ok,  I , myself am proud of what I have

achieved so far , cause what it is important for me is to

be able to win credibility with friends and family ,

it means a lot to me I have walked my self in to my best

thoughts, I feels as tall as trees surrounding the park


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