Peace and pups


We are friendly bunch of sharks, we are not
like those meat eating ones, we live in peace ,
deep down in the blue sea

I love swimming, I weigh 2000 kilo and with
300 sharp teeth. I live deep down below,
with high tides and wild waves, I only attack
those who come close to my babies

Summer time is over yet fishing men are arriving,
they are not here for the sun or the surf, they are
here to make a living, to do what they do best

Hiding in the old boat protecting my babies, watching
who gets close, back up is on its way,can see my family
swimming closer from a distance, I am feeling safer

From the distance the fishermen dive in to the sea,
to catch a glimpse , they are far from home, yet they
mean no harm as they start to swim just like the rest of us

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