There is much good in this world, we just have to find it

Always remember that each big dreams has a

dreamer, that ,s within each of us , we have the

strength , patients and the passion to reach for

the stars, to make this world a good place for the

generations that are to come , way after we have

gone, we can all dream the world we want to  live

in filled with love,

We leave in a wonderful  world that’s filled  with

love, charmed and full of adventures, life has

it,s up and down but we can survive all this

that,s the world has in store , if only we focus

on good thoughts and go through the adventures

with our eyes open and we will find the good life

we are after,

Change is painful but what’s more painful if

you are stuck in somewhere you don’t belong,

you don’t have to plan how to find the good

things in our lives,sometimes all it takes is to

breath and let go, and see what happens ,the

rest is down to faith that what I call it a good

luck in life , I found the good  thing in life

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