When I sleep


Am too scared to sleep, as my nightmares are
getting too strong, have them almost every night,
it feels as the nightmares creep in to my bed and
causing all the fear to replay all over again,

It feels as the nightmares wrap their hands
round my neck while I am asleep, they try to
pull my soul from deep inside, I try to wake up
but instead I scream while still fast asleep,I never
thought it would happen to me

How can you wake up while dreaming ., it’s
impossible I have tired, I live in a world that’s
so strange that nightmares take over, I don’t
like it,

I live for the day that the nightmares have
disappeared for ever , this situation can not
last forever , one of these days my body will
stop aching and the nightmares will disappear
for ever

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