When life seems unfair


When life seems unfair and everything you do
goes wrong that day, always remember to say
thank you. and move on from that day

No matter how low you feel, never give up hope ,
.you have to go through bad days in life and to
never take the good days for granted, learn to
rest when life feels unfair and nothing goes your

When things go wrong as they do, when you have
a bad day or two , when debts are piling high, when
you want to smile but all you do is cry,don’t give up,
don’t quit cause life gets hard, life has its turns and
twists, good and bad and you have a silver tinted cloud
of doubt hanging around, even if you are ignored by
everyone ,life would change over night, be strong and
always look on the bright side of life, be a giver of love
and good vibes, be strong to make this world a happy

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